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Student Belonging Distribution

Friday, May 29, 2020
Friday, May 29, 2020
Friday, May 29, 2020

​We are starting the process of packing up and distributing student belongings. I know that you can all appreciate what a massive undertaking this is for a school of nearly 900 students. Over the next several days, school staff will be packing up and labelling student belongings and we will have them ready for distribution on Thursday, June 4th and Friday, June 5th . Each classroom will have an assigned time and date in which one family member can come to the school for pick up. For classrooms inside the building, there will be 3 stations at the front of the school (at the main entrance) where student belongings will be bagged up and labelled for student pick up. For portable classrooms, pick up of personal belongings will take place outside the portables on the assigned date and time. At each station and portable, there will also be a table with miscellaneous student items that we have not identified to specific students, so you are welcome to take a look and claim any of your child’s belongings. While we will do our best to organize your child’s personal items and have them ready for pick up, we obviously cannot guarantee that all items will be made available. We cannot stress what a huge undertaking this is going to be for a limited number of staff members. If there is something that is specific that you are really needing back at home – please reach out to your child’s teacher and they may be able to potentially assist in ensuring that the item is retrieved for distribution. Also at the front of the building, will be tables with a general lost and found area that you can check, as well as a drop off box to return all school library books and/or textbooks. Please take this opportunity to return any school books that you may have in your homes. In an effort to limit the number of people coming to the school, we are organizing the distribution on a class by class basis. Therefore, if you have more than one child attending our school, you will have to prepare to come to the school at different times and dates for each of your children. Unfortunately, there is no flexibility with assigned pick up dates and times. If you miss this opportunity, you may not get another chance for pick up until school resumes in the Fall. We know that this plan isn’t perfect, but in these uncertain times, our top priority is the safety of our students, their families and our staff. Limiting the number of people coming to the school will help ensure the safety for all – and we must insist that everyone practices physical distancing measures when on school property. On the pick-up days, there will be no access to go inside the school for any reason. Individual members need to claim the student belongings, drop off books and leave the school property in a timely fashion. In an effort to maintain a slow flow of traffic, we ask that you follow all parking and driving precautions such as parking in designated parking spots. Walking to the school would be ideal if at all possible. Attached is the scheduled dates and times for pick-ups.

CHPS Student Belonging Distribution (1).pdf

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